The winery Chiodi Roberta was born fifteen years ago, following the desire of a married couple to create a special place not far away from their fast-paced life in the nearby city of Padova.

This adventure started with the project of patiently renewing an abandoned house, in respect of the natural environment where the house was originally built. The mansion was built sourcing materials from the nearby territory and paying attention to maintaining the traditional characteristics of the houses of this area. A marvellous garden, tons of flowers and a big vegetable garden were included to enrich the outside area.

The owners immediately understood the main feature of the area, which is a constant, refreshing breeze that accompanies every season. This breeze is what inspired them to call the winery Col del Vento (Windy Hill), and with the name, this great adventure has begun.

During the following years, and after careful studies on the territory, vineyards were planted on the southern lands. The vineyards were planted according to the desire of employing the latest technologies to harvest the grapes, treat the vines and prune the branches and the leaves. The outcome is a vineyard kissed by the sun, harvested with care, love, and dedication.

The owners believe that great care for the vines results in extremely high-quality grapes and therefore they aim at pursuing excellence in the production process, giving birth to a unique and often countertrend oenological project. The mission of winery Col del Vento is to operate in the territory, respecting it fully, to obtain from the soil all the goods that the land wants to offer spontaneously.


35 hectares of woods

8,5 hectares of garden

6,5 hectares of vineyards

GLERA - PROSECCO (3,7 hectares)

This green-skinned grape variety is native to the Veneto region.
These are the perfect grapes for sparkling wines and especially for the Prosecco, which contains at least 85% of these grapes.
The origins of the Prosecco grapes are set in Prosecco,  an area near Trieste, or in the Euganean Hills, from where it then spread to Slovenia.

In Col del Vento, these grapes, together with the Pinot Noir, create the Prosecco DOC Rosé Extra Dry.

PINOT NERO (1,3 hectares )

Originated in Burgundy around 2000 years ago,
today it is considered to be the most prestigious
red grape variety, and for this reason it is grown
The Pinot Noir is both difficult to grow and to vinify,
and it is really sensitive to the terroir: depending on
the characteristics of the territory it can produce
very different wines.

In Col del Vento, the Pinot Noir is used to produce the
Pinot Noir IGT Veneto (vinified in red),
the Metodo Classico Brut Rosé (vinified in rosé),
and the Prosecco Rosé (vinified in red,
blended with the prosecco).

CHARDONNAY (1,5 hectares)

This green-skinned grape variety is native to Burgundy.
It is internationally appreciated as it can adapt to different
climatic areas and various territories.
The Chardonnay grapes present a variety of aromas,
structures and acidity levels, therefore being ideal for
the production of sparkling wines and for long refinements,
giving birth to extraordinarily complex wines.
In Col del Vento, the Chardonnay grapes are used to produce
the Chardonnay Metodo Classico Brut.

  1. PINOT NERO (1,3 hectares)
  2. CHARDONNAY (1,5 hectares)
  3. GLERA – PROSECCO (3,7 hectares)

Located in Torreglia (PD), only 20 km away from Padova, the winery Col del Vento is part of the Natural Reserve of the Euganean Hills. The hills have a volcanic origin and the tradition of winemaking goes back to the Roman age.