Within an ever-changing enological landscape, creating unique proposals becomes an authentic mission.
That is why the Col del Vento project aims at giving birth to special wines of great personality, imagined to offer surprisingly amazing sensory experiences.

Pinot Noir Metodo Classico Brut Rosé

100% Pinot Noir vinified in rosé with a short maceration with the skins; secondary bottle fermentation and rest on yeasts for 48 months.

The high aromatic intensity of mineral and flowery notes, blended with the natural freshness of light and pleasant bubbles, gives birth to a versatile sparkling wine. Suitable for all of the courses, it perfectly complements with risotto, white meats and salty, crumbly cheese. 

Chardonnay Metodo Classico Brut

100% Chardonnay vinified in white; secondary bottle fermentation and rest on yeasts for 48 months.

From the perfect equilibrium between acidity and minerality we obtain a complex and well-balanced Metodo Classico sparkling wine, characterized by a gentle, light perlage and enriched by fruity sensations. Suggested food pairings: fresh fish and seafood, fried vegetables or cured meat starters.

Prosecco DOC Rosé Extra Dry

Glera grapes vinified in white and Pinot Noir grapes vinified in red with 5-7 days of maceration with the skins; the blend undergoes a secondary fermentation in steel tanks and it is then left at rest for 60 days.

Harmonious and smooth as only a Blend can be, our Prosecco Rosé sparkling wine combines the vibrant freshness of a light perlage with the delicate flavor of mixed berries. Fragrant and persistent at the taste, it is the perfect aperitif wine: try it with rice salads or vegetable courses.

Pinot Noir IGT Veneto

100% Pinot Noir vinified in red, with 5-7 days of maceration and final barrel maturation.

Elegant velvety tannins, together with a seducing bouquet of ripe cherries and spicy notes, give our Pinot Noir a pleasant rich taste, which is magnified by intense aromatic flavors. Suggested food pairings: roasted meat, bushmeat, mushroom pasta or risotto.


Every year, between August and September, the long-awaited ritual of the harvest recurs: the precious grapes, perfectly ripe, are ready to undergo a long and delicate process of transformation. From the harvest to the final racking: discover how our wines are made.